What originally started as an informal hang out for a group of artists and creatives from The University of Akron and Akron Art Museum to kick back, relax, enjoy drinks, and create works of art at High St. Hop House in Akron became a group of over 50 people from the span of its beginning in 2018 to today in 2022. This diverse range of painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, textile artists, writers, and musicians created artwork while motivating, inspiring, and supporting each other in their creative pursuits of artistic freedom. These artworks were made either within a sketchbook, drawing pad, or as a small three-dimensional project.


For the first time, this group will be presenting a portion of the immense amount of work they created during these creative sessions at the FJKluth Art Gallery titled Sketchbook Creative – Casual Creations. The show will feature 10 artists: Erin Abshire, Sarah Abshire, Abby Cipar, Taylor Clapp, Liz Crosby, Hope Hickman, Elizabeth Lax, Maria Uhase, Kim Wengerd, and Carly Zimmerman.