Now the story of the Queen of Sheba, From Eastern Africa she came away. To the ancient lands of Biblical times. She traveled for wisdom, never to stay. Tamrin, the famed merchant, was invited By King Solomon who was so noble. The king needed rare and exotic supplies To build a magnificent temple.


This story is told as thirteen separate paintings on display at the FJKluth Art Gallery titled: Queen of Sheba. The exhibition featured drawings by Neha Sahu based from sketches by Frederick John Kluth.


Neha Sahu is a self-taught artist from Bangalore, India. As an alumnus from the Nation Institute of Fashion (NIFT) in New Delhi, India, is what gave Sahu her background in art and fashion. She currently runs an art studio in Bangalore called “Art Axiom.” She has also worked for over 10 years in the retail and export industry.


Among her readers, Sahu goes under the pen name One Vulnerable Dot, while recently publishing her book “One Vulnerable Dot.”


To see more of Sahu’s work, visit her Instagram page: https://instagram.com/art.axiom