Legends Of The Phoenix Exhibit

September 9 – 30

  Legend Of The Phoenix

 The story of the phoenix comes to us from the ancient Greek Historian Herodotus who writes about it as hearsay because he saw only pictures and heard tales. It is a story of regeneration with a cylcle of 500 years. Herodotus mentions the colors gold and red as being the colors of the bird who buries his father in an egg which he carries to the temple of Heliopolis and so associates it with the sun with its risings and settings. Stories have been associated with the Phoenix where it rises from the ashes of its predecessor. In addition to immortality, the Phoenix was thought to have other powers. It was believed that Phoenix tears had healing properties and that it was impossible to tell a lie in the presence of a Phoenix. These are the themes associated with this exhibit that can be an inspiration to art.