Celestial Phenomena Exhibit

August 19 – September 2

Everyone on Earth sees the same stars at night. Find a place where it’s dark. By a lake, out in a field or on the edge of a park. Somewhere where the city lights aren’t so bright. Suddenly you are part of a vast cosmos. You run through a field of stars. Galaxies beckon. Mysteries abound. What are those glowing gasses? Who is that planet passing by? Is that the space station?

Celestial Phenomena grant us a sense of awe and wonder. It puts our human problems in perspective. We live in a vast universe full of unimaginable life, and yet we know that on other planets, wise beings communicate with each other, learn to work together and love each other. It’s the nature of life.

So gaze into your telescope or look up with your eyes. You might see the Northern Lights. You might see the Milky Way. You might get a message from the heavens. Star constellations dance overhead. Zodiac signs and legends tell stories. Drink it all in, then let your light shine. You are a star too!

We had a great art opening on Saturday. Three artists were present. People came from the nearby cities of Cleveland and Youngstown to see the show. Here are some photos of Celestial Phenomena: