The Apple is Offered

Painting by Koen Satyawan based from sketches by Frederick John Kluth

pastel on paper
10 x 14 inches
$7.00 – $40.00

The Apple is Offered

Painting ten out of fourteen in The Trial of Queen Vergeblich, The Stepmother of Snow White series.

The Queen visited me at the pharmacy. She wanted to buy several substances that I knew were poisons. I inquired about her intention with these poisons, with her response saying they were for “beauty reasons.” She said these poisons would be used to remove warts and other blemishes, but not for her, for someone else. I asked if the other person knew she was going to use poisons. She said she would tell them. Then I explained that doctors or pharmacists should only use these substances. I told her I did not want to be responsible for their misuse. She was not happy, but she left.

Region of Origin: Asia, North America
Country of Origin: Indonesia, United States of America