Pages from Tuesday Night Sketchbook

Liz Crosby

photocopy. originally made with graphite.
9 x 14 inches. 11 1/2 x 16 inches mounted.

Pages from Tuesday Night Sketchbook by Liz Crosby is one of the forty-three works of art currently on display at the FJKluth Art Gallery’s exhibition, Sketchbook Creative – Casual Creations.

Presentation and first impressions matter. The clothes that people choose to wear encapsulates the intersection between their practical notions and their aesthetic and sensibilities. The photocopied pages displayed are samples of Liz’s outfit sketches over the past seven years. Liz is fascinated by the notion of taking inventory of how one presents one’s self day to day. Liz’s work betrays an obsessive self-awareness and yet has no particular purpose or usefulness. She is inspired by the work of printmaker Tetsuo Aoki and his use of repetition of the human shape to create rhythm and tone. Liz uses these sketches as a way of keeping track of time and seasons of her life as well as her state of mind.

Liz Crosby is an administrative marketing assistant for a billboard company. She studied graphic design at Mount Vernon Nazarene University and took classes in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Moving forward, Liz hopes to start making more artwork, and anticipates more opportunities to explore her ideas through a wide variety of mediums.

Region of Origin: North America
Country of Origin: United States of America