Open Your Mind

Elizabeth Lax

color pencil and oil pastel
12 x 8 1/2 inches

Open Your Mind by Elizabeth Lax is one of the forty-three works of art currently on display at the FJKluth Art Gallery’s exhibition, Sketchbook Creative – Casual Creations.

Kent based oil painter, Elizabeth Lax, focuses primarily on human form. After being raised in a restrictive environment, painting has become a way for her to express what has been silenced. Her subjects typically have obscured identities or are presented without clothing. She aims to expose the subjects while keeping them hidden. The content of these paintings are a way of rebelling against the puritanical beliefs she was indoctrinated with. She believes that in order to break cycles of generational trauma we must quiet our hearts and raise our voices. In 2019 she received her BA in Studio Arts from Kent State University with a primary focus on painting. She is currently pursuing post graduate education in psychology, which she uses to articulate her concepts. She continues her practice with a focus on healing herself and others.

Region of Origin: North America
Country of Origin: United States of America